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The One AMZ Review (Rhett Taylor)


Rhett Taylor says you can pick a number, any number, and make that much money every single month with Amazon. And then turn around and sell your entire store for a huge lump sum if you so choose. And then repeat the whole process over and over again until you’re rich beyond your wildest dreams. That may sound too good to be true, but it’s not, Rhett assures us. With Amazon, it’s simply a numbers game. They’ve got 2.45 billion visitors a month.

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And each of those visitors is going to Amazon.com for a reason, right? They probably wanna buy something. You don’t go to Amazon to ask questions, window shop, download a free PDF guide, or watch viral dance videos, do ya? And the thing is, Jeff Bezos wants more third-party sellers (meaning everyday folks like you and I and Rhett here) to sell products on their platform because then they make even more money with less effort. But if it’s so perfect and so doable, why isn’t everyone an Amazon millionaire?

“It’s because of society as a whole,” Rhett explains. “They’re the real enemy. It’s what they’ve been feeding us our entire life. They’ve told us, in order to be financially free and live our best life, we need to follow a traditional plan. Go to school, get good grades, go to college, rack up lots of debt, get a job that doesn’t even cover the student debt, open up a 401(k), slave away for 40 years, and always live within your means, right? All so maybe you can retire one day and pray that you die before the money runs out.”

Basically, if you feel stuck, it’s not your fault. You’ve just been brainwashed, that’s all. But Amazon FBA’s your ticket outta the rat race. You gonna cash it in? Rhett did. He used Amazon FBA to quit his loan officer assistant job, and he made enough doing it to help out his dad, who was unable to work due to a back injury. So why’s Rhett willing to share his secrets with you? Why not keep it all to himself and just keep rinsing and repeating his own process? He says it’s ’cause he “just loves helping others,” which I don’t buy.


Regardless, Rhett uses something he calls his enhance echoing methodology to produce almost guaranteed profits on Amazon. “With this, I can help you build your Amazon business and sell it for 5–8 figures within 12–48 months,” Rhett promises, “and then repeat that over and over again. I’m not just throwing stuff against the wall and hoping it works. Nope, I wanted a system that would reliably and consistently get me and my students results. But it comes down to three basic steps.”

In a nutshell, you pick the product you’re gonna sell, source it from elite suppliers, and list it for sale on Amazon. And with software like Helium 10, you can cherry pick the best products to sell. Rhett suggests modeling a current product that’s doing at least $7,000 per month, with strong sales year round. Which means, at an industry average of about 40% profit margin, assuming you could replicate those results, you’d pocket at least $2,800 per month. Just make sure said product has less than 120 reviews or it might be too competitive.

What about ordering these products? How do you ensure you’re not overpaying? And how’ll you know if the quality is up to par? What about shipping delays? Do you need to do your own custom branding and labeling? What’s the right way to list it and market it on Amazon? And manage reviews? Rhett covers all that and more in his course, The One Amazon System. He doesn’t say what it costs, but asks you to book a breakthrough call to find out more.

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