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DreamSource Consulting Reviews (Alberto Riehl)

Life Insurance Agents

Are you a life insurance agent? Great. What if you never got no-showed again? And you closed 100% of your appointments? And you did ’em all virtually? And you didn’t have to pester your warm market or attend awkward networking events or whimper for referrals like a dog begging for scraps at the dinner table? According to Dream Source Consulting founder Alberto Riehl, it’s entirely possible. Okay, but how exactly? And why’s this dude always on the beach? Read on for my Predictable Premium review.

“How would you like to generate 10, 20, even 30 new ‘high premium’ life insurance cases, every single month, on demand, and with predictability?” Alberto asks. “It’s as exact as a GPS. You just punch in how many clients you want for the month and it leads you, step by step, to your desired destination. Every single time. Shouldn’t every life insurance business be this predictable? And yet, most agents have little to no idea where their next client’s gonna come from. And I’m here to change that.”

Alberto, once broke and living on his friend’s couch, managed to bring in so much business for his company that they suspected him of fraud. After being cleared and even praised, he wanted to see if his system could be duplicated. He taught his sister, who lacked sales and insurance experience, and she began to thrive. His buddy Corey, a true country boy, also learned the system and crushed it, along with two more of Alberto’s friends. Suddenly, all five found themselves in the top 10 of a company with a whopping 12,000 agents.

“When I left that company, not only was I the #1 agent,” Alberto brags, “I had almost five times more life insurance business written for the year than the #2 person. Now you might be thinking, ‘Why such a huge difference? Weren’t you training your agents with the same exact system?’ And yes, the #2 agent was mine. But you see, while I was training my agents, there was a conflict of interest. While I definitely enjoyed sharing my strategy with others, and getting to hear their success stories, these were direct competitors of mine.”

Riehl Family

So Alberto didn’t share all the sauce back then. But now, since he’s not tied to any insurance company, he’s more than willing to. If you’re a life insurance agent seeking a reliable method to generate new clients on demand and catapult your business to the seven-figure level, this should sound like your favorite Zach Bryan song playing on repeat. “The best thing about this Predictable Premium System is that it targets customers who are ready to buy now,” Alberto says. “It works on absolutely any budget and it’s based on results that have been proven over and over again.”

There are two parts to it. One, a dependable system that fetches high quality leads that are ready to buy insurance today. And two, a bulletproof process to turn ’em into life insurance clients that stay on the books forever. It kicks off by targeting the right market, with the right message – that strikes a nerve and gets ’em to take action. Your prospects should feel as though you ripped a page outta their personal diary. Now that you’ve got their attention, you prove you can solve their problem by solving part of that problem, for free.

From there, you roll out the red carpet and ask ’em to reach out if they want additional help. When executed correctly, Alberto claims you’ll have 10, 20, even 30 new high premium clients signing up month after month. You’ll even know down to the dollar and day how your ad campaigns will perform. Alberto doesn’t disclose the price of his Predictable Premium System. Just says it ain’t cheap, but you can expect to recoup your investment within the first 30 days of working with him. My primary issue? As more agents jump on board with his program, won’t his once unique approach get watered down?

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