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Funnel Hub Launchpad Review

Mike Agency Coach

Mike Schmidt and AJ Rivera are both ClickFunnels Inner Circle members. That means they pay Russell Brunson $50k a year to basically be his friend and speak at his events. Russell recently had ’em on his Marketing Secrets Live podcast, where he was plugging their latest offer, Funnel Hub Launchpad, which I’m sure Russell’s getting a cut of. So what is a FunnelHub and why should you care? Or maybe you shouldn’t? Read on for my brutally honest review.

When it comes to conversions, funnels are the Cadillac of web properties. No one’s gonna argue that. If you’re trying to turn a complete stranger into a paying client—and do so quickly—you send ’em through a sales funnel. And, thanks to Russell, millions of marketers now do this using his ClickFunnels software. And the best of the bunch have created brilliant businesses doing so. But when ya think about it, even their multi-million dollar funnels will only convert, what, somewhere between 1- and 7% of cold traffic?

So what happens to the other 93- to 99% who don’t buy right away? Sure, maybe they get some email follow-ups here and there, and maybe that pulls a few more of ’em in, but still. The vast majority are on the fence, right? So whaddya think they’re gonna do? They’re gonna go to Google, AJ and Mike explain, and they’re gonna see if you’re legit. So they’re gonna look up your name, your brand, they’re gonna search for reviews and complaints and check out what Reddit and Trustpilot and Better Business Bureau had to say, aren’t they?

You betcha. And yet, hardly anyone’s doing anything to make sure those people are finding what they would like them to find. Ya know, like content that tells everyone how awesome they are and how many lives their product or service has impacted, and why you should return to their funnel immediately and give ’em $997 for their course or whatever it is, right? And that, Mike and AJ would argue, is where a Funnel Hub comes in. And don’t you dare call it a website or a blog, because it’s not.


“A FunnelHub,” Mike says, “is exactly what somebody should find when they’re looking for you online. Simply put, what’s the experience that somebody is going to have when they’re searching for your name? Your product name? For your courses? When they’re looking for those things, and they’re trying to find the scams, the reviews, the dirt on you? Like, what do they find when they do that? Do they find the Ripoff Report? That’s unjust and shouldn’t be there and written by someone who didn’t even do business with you?”

“Or should they find something that you control?” he continues. “Something that you own? That’s the Funnel Hub. Funnel Hub is a content-driven strategy. It’s a place where they land, and the number one job of a Funnel Hub is to accept that traffic, accept that visitor there, and get them back into the right funnel as soon as possible. Right? Help them overcome some of the trust, help them overcome some of the things that are their points of concern, and get them back to whichever funnel is most appropriate.”

So basically it’s like a nice-looking landing page with a little blurb about ’em, maybe a picture of them on stage or something, perhaps some testimonials, and then a big button linking people back to their juiciest offer. FunnelHub Launchpad, then, is a course to teach you how to build these puppies and sell ’em to influencers, gurus, even small businesses. Cost is $497 plus however many upsells AJ and Mike and Russell have waiting for ya. Here’s the issue though. Just ’cause you make this thing and keyword optimize it doesn’t mean you’re gonna outrank everyone. And even if ya did, there could still be nine negative results below it. Then what?

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.