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RocketOffr Review (GoRocketLeads.com)


Hayato Hori has wholesaled hundreds of properties just using his laptop and cell phone. And now, he wants to help you do the same. In fact, his team will help you find a property to wholesale in the next three days. Yes, three. And you won’t have to spend a dime on texting platforms, cold calling softwares or virtual assistants. They do this by giving you access to thousands of leads; then show ya how to put the house under contract; then flip it to someone in their network.

If you’ve made it this far, chances are, you’ve been wanting to make money wholesaling houses. But you run into one of two problems. Either you don’t know how to get properties under contract; or you can’t find cash buyers without wasting a ton of your time and money. Hayato’s gonna fix that for you. He’s gonna help you wholesale your first property, virtually, with no risk whatsoever, using his proprietary lead generation system and scripts. Plus, his team’ll do all the heavy lifting, all the way up to closing.

“On top of all that,” Hayato says, “we will provide full support along the way, to help with negotiations and underwriting deals. It’s called RocketOffr Partners Portal. What this is is a fully flushed out custom CRM portal that automates finding properties that fit your buying criteria. And it’ll cut your learning time by 1,000%. It’ll also allow you to get consistent deals with no employees. It can automate all the mundane tasks that you have. It analyzes deals way more efficiently than any other software.”

“Plus,” he continues, “we also provide you with templates so that all the contracts that you need to be using to make a deal work will be provided for you. And this portal also is a deal matching system unlike any other. It automatically knows how much a property may sell for to our network of hedge funds and investors. Simply go into the software, enter in some basic info like rent, taxes, ARV, location, etc., and it will spit out a fund’s expected offer. Many of these funds purchase 40+ properties per month. And it took us 2-3 years to even build these relationships with hedge funds.”

Go Rocket Leads

You’ll also get access to never-ending lead flow. So there’s no need to drop thousands on lead lists. And you’ll have peace of mind because each property will fit their hedge funds’ buy boxes. This’ll save you hundreds of hours you’d otherwise spend analyzing deals that won’t make you any money. Here’s the cherry on top though: if, for some reason, a property can’t sell to these funds, they’ve got a plan B for you. It’s a list of 75,000+ individual investors broken down by location. Blast it out to them, somebody’s probably gonna buy it, right?

Zac was a hungry wholesaler looking to scale up, but didn’t know how. Since joining Hayato’s partner program, he’s already completed three deals and has another three coming down the pike. “So this is how you do no-risk investing,” Hayato pitches. “You have no large expenditures on calling softwares, VAs, list purchasing, building a buyers list, and so on. And with this, you can have multiple investors that submit an offer on your deal. Contracts can be structured to make sure you won’t lose a dime on any property that goes south. We’ll make sure of it.”

“You can even keep the property if you like it. Hold it as a rental or do a fix and flip—whatever you want. Another thing that you can do is JV with others in our community as well. We can provide you with contracts and templates to make sure you have everything you need. Our guarantee? If you don’t have a wholesale deal under contract within three days of signing up, you can get a full refund.” Amazing offer. Almost too amazing. And what’s it cost? And why even offer this? Why not just do the deals yourself? Hmm. Not sure what to think.

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