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Invest With Roots Reviews

Cofounder Daniel Dorfman

Daniel Dorfman is at the helm of Roots, a company that’s putting a fresh and wholesome spin on real estate investing. 

These guys get it. 

You’re pulling your hair out trying to invest in real estate. Interest rates are higher than Willie Nelson’s tour bus. Skyrocketing home prices mean you have to come up with a down payment the size of Texas. Deciding where and what to buy is harder than canceling a gym membership. 

Roughly 90% of Americans couldn’t get started if they wanted to because they’re not accredited.

Even if you get your hands on an investment property, managing it yourself is awful; and paying a management company takes a big bite outta your cash flow.

Enter Roots. It’s a real estate investment fund that you can invest in for as little as $100, even as a non-accredited investor.

Tens of millions of dollars have already been invested into the fund. And in the last 12 months, it’s gone up by more than 16%. All while stocks and crypto do their impression of a whirlpool in a sink.

It takes less than five minutes to invest with Roots. Fill out the investor form and tax info. Decide how much you wanna invest. E-sign the paperwork. Link your bank account.

Bada-bing bada-boom. Just like that, you’re invested in real estate.

Roots uses the money to go out and buy more homes and fill them with awesome tenants. But it gets better.

“We understand the impact that owning and investing in real estate can make on a person’s life,” CEO Daniel Dorman says. “Both mentally and financially. We believe that everyone should have that opportunity. That’s why Roots is available for everyone.”

“Including the residents who live in our homes. Imagine owning real estate where the resident living in the home is your partner and wants it to succeed as much as you do,” Daniel explains.

How cool is that? Basically, if they pay their rent on time and don’t trash the property, they earn a “rent rebate” and can invest side-by-side with you.

Scott Jacobsen

To recap, you invest into the roots fund. Roots takes that capital, purchases properties, manages those properties, finds quality individuals to live in them. And through their “Live In It Like You Own It” program, these folks can invest right alongside you.

So wholesome, it should come with a flannel blanket and a hot cup of cocoa, huh?

This win-win ecosystem is really what Roots is all about.

For far too long, the tenant-landlord relationship has been completely one-sided. And honestly? That’s to the detriment of both parties. Roots is here to fix that. By aligning both landlord and tenant, everyone’s happy, everyone’s working together to achieve the same goal.

But don’t get it twisted. This is not a rent-to-own program. It’s an own while you rent program.

“At Roots,” Daniel closes with, “we invest with our wallets and our hearts. And we invite you to do the same.”

Roots recommends keeping your money invested for at least a year. If something comes up and you need the money earlier, you can cash out quarterly when distributions are paid out. Your distributions can be reinvested back into the fund or withdrawn for use.

If you wanna dollar-cost-average into the fund, you can set up recurring contributions either monthly or quarterly.

How is the fund performing since its inception? Lifetime, it’s up 32%. In that same period, the S&P is down 6% and crypto is down 21%.

So toss that in your coffee grinder and brew it, Dave Ramsey!

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