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Sabri Suby Book: What’s This Godfather Garbage?

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Sell Like Crazy is the title of Sabri Suby’s book. One of the things he talks about in there is coming up with your quote-unquote godfather offer. The heck’s he talking about, right? I’ll let Sabri explain. “You want to be in a position,” he says, “where your offer is so compelling that it just sucks people into the jet stream and you become magnetic in your market. And people just gravitate towards you.” Got it. So a little more Al Pacino, a little less Adam Sandler.

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But most internet marketers and business owners don’t get it. They have a course or a service and so that’s what they sell. They talk about features and benefits and then hit you with the price, cross their fingers, and hope you buy. What Sabri suggests you do instead is sell people what they want, not what you have. So scour through Amazon reviews and Reddit threads and find out what sets your customers’ souls on fire—and start using that stuff in your marketing.

Better yet, go one step further: create an entirely new product or service that’s exactly in line with what your target audience is starving for. “And when you do that,” Sabri explains, “your conversion rate, from lead to sale, will go up dramatically. And what you’ll find is that you’re really crafting an offer that just melts through your market like a hot knife does to butter. And it’ll make everything that you’re doing infinitely more profitable. Then you’ll go out there and just beat the pants off your competition.”

Now that you’ve got a rough idea of your godfather offer, the next step is to pivot to what Sabri calls bullseye market hit, or BMH for short. Meaning, what you’re selling isn’t rigid; it’s fluid. You can axe this and tweak that and bolt this other thing on—until it’s absolutely perfect. Sure it’s more work, but after going through this laborious process, you’ll notice everything else becomes easier. Because the truth is, a compelling offer is infinitely more powerful than a convincing argument.

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“You don’t wanna be in a situation where you’re trying to convince people to take the action that you want them to,” Sabri says. “Where you’re trying to get them to raise their hand and show interest in what you have to sell. Or book a call on your calendar. Or to actually pull out their credit card and buy. Rather, it’s what I said earlier, you wanna be in a position to where your offer is just so damn compelling that it sucks people in and they can’t help but buy right then and there, right?”

Don’t overcomplicate it. It’s just: What do they want? And what do they need to do in order to get it? “What are we offering and what are we asking them to do in order to get that offer?” Sabri reiterates. “What are we charging? What are the deliverables for them to actually obtain the solution to their burning problem? It goes back to doing the research that I told you to do. What are they saying they want? Don’t want? Reduce it to writing. Then turn up the volume on this puppy.”

Sell them their dream come true. Whatever that is for your prospects. You’ve got a magic wand, you can wave it and grant them their biggest wish in life: What does that wish look like? What would these peeps crawl over crushed glass to get to? That’s your starting point. That’s how you’re gonna create an offer with a big, swinging hog. Then, the final step? Is this: Now you have to dial it back ever so slightly so that, A) you can actually fulfill on it, and B) you don’t get yourself into any legal trouble by being too hype-y.

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