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Automated Wealth Management Reviews


Milos Safranek’s scratching his head as to why you’d invest in real estate over an Amazon wholesale automation store. “Let’s talk about what $100k gets you in real estate versus Amazon wholesale,” he says, with an accent so velvety, it could lull a baby to sleep. “So to find a single family unit for $100k? It’s really hard, almost impossible. But just for the sake of example, let’s say you buy a single family unit in an average neighborhood; and your capitalization rate is between 5- and 8% per year.”

“Meaning,” Milos continues, “your return on investment, after the first year, will be $5,000, up to $8,000. On the other hand, if you take the $100k and buy inventory and put that into an Amazon automated store? On the lower end, you’ll make 15% on your money. Meaning in the first year, you would make from $120- to $150k in total net profit. [I’m literally the lady in the math meme right now. Wouldn’t it be $115k or more?] So which one would you choose? You can partner with us to make bank on Amazon.”

Milos, my dude, who’s got that kind of cash to toss at an automated Amazon store? The founder and CEO of AWM Pros doesn’t say. It also looks like he’s standing in front of a green screen when he goes into his pitch pitch. “So today,” he begins, “we are here in one of our biggest warehouses, where we’re sending hundreds of pallets every week to fill up our investor stores with high demand brand name products. You’re probably interested in investment vehicles that could outperform traditional investments.”

It’s a little weird taking investment advice from someone who may still have a curfew, but okay. Go on. “A done for you Amazon business can outperform standard investments by 5, 10, or even 20 times,” he claims. “So you might be wondering: ‘Why is this important for me?’ So look, if you’re an investor looking to tap into the new emerging ecommerce industry, we can step in as your operational partners and we do all the heavy lifting for you. So literally from product research to sourcing, supplier management, listings—we do it all.”

8 The Green Suite

“And then we are shipping these products out to FBA warehouses across the whole world,” Milos adds. “And then we sell these products at a generous markup. We source a huge variety of products, from kitchenware to appliances, electronics and home goods, and so on and so forth. I know there is a lot of people trying to do this online right now, but many of them realize that actually this takes a lot of time and skill and they never get off the ground. That’s why me and my partners put together a really solid operational team.”

Milos says they can handle a capacity of over $500,000 per month, for inventory purchase, per store. Again, he’s estimating roughly 15- to 20% ROI. “We do take a small profit share, on the back end,” he sneaks into the pitch, like it’s contraband. “And that incentivizes us to make you win as the investor. [Wouldn’t that astronomical set up fee serve the same purpose? No? Not enough? You still need more?] Think of this as the new digital real estate. [OMG, there’s that term again—being beaten like a rented mule.]”

You’re getting a real business, with real value, real equity. You can sell it for a big multiple some day. Milos is grinning like a fool on a carnival ride just thinking about you ponying up the money to invest in this offer. Automated Wealth Management does have some short video testimonials, as well as some 5-star reviews on Trustpilot. But, I don’t know, there’s a phony baloney scent in the air. Color me suspicious, but I could see most of ’em being bought off Fiverr. Think I’ll be a spectator on this one.

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