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Reviewing The Ecom King’s Net Worth


Kamil Sattar, better known as The Ecom King, is a British ecommerce entrepreneur and YouTuber. He has a free Shopify dropshipping course, a premium content and perks membership called The Ecom King Family VIP, as well as an Elite one-on-one mentoring program. Kamil did a million in revenue last year with Shopify dropshipping, and plans to scale that to five million this year. Read on to see how, and stay to the end to find out how much he’s worth.

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What strategy is Kamil using to get these kinds of results? He’s partnering up with influencers on TikTok, YouTube, Instagram, etc., and what you do is, you help them start an ecommerce business. “Because a lot of these influencers today on social media, they have a massive following. Hundreds of thousands of followers, hundreds of thousands of subscribers, and they wanna monetize their audience. And most times they end up becoming affiliates or sponsors.”

And that only gives ’em a small percentage of the pie, explains The Ecom King. So why not help them start their own ecom brand, and keep the lion’s share? Plus, they can sell the company down the road once it’s worth millions of dollars. So you, as an expert in the ecommerce space, can reach out to these influencers and offer to do all the heavy lifting for them in exchange for a monthly fee or, better yet, equity in this new store, right?

The biggest advantage of this strategy is you’re not gonna need any advertising budget. After you max out their organic following, sure, you could always reinvest some of the profits to scale with ads, but you don’t have to. Because of this, margins can be as high as forty percent. Also, you can have the influencer pay for products, Shopify, and other subscriptions you’ll need. So it’s a great, bootstrap-friendly way for you to succeed with Shopify dropshipping.


What about the negatives? Obviously, the barrier to entry with this strategy is quite high. You need to know the ins and outs of marketing on social media. You gotta be persuasive. You gotta be good at negotiating with these influencers. Kamil usually does these deals on a sixty-forty split; they take sixty, he keeps forty. It’s difficult, it’s time-consuming. You have to do outreach to find these influencers, pitch them, structure a deal, manage them, and still handle all the dropshipping.

Don’t be lazy if you want this to work. Do your due diligence. Find the right influencers. TikTok is probably your best bet. Maybe you come across a cute married couple with one-point-five million followers. Cool, make sure they don’t have their own ecom brand already. If not, go to Alibaba and start looking for ideas. Maybe you could propose a his-and-hers jewelry brand. Couples rings and whatnot, right? Outreach via email. Make it as personal as possible or it won’t get a response.

Once you get a nibble, send proposal, negotiate, come to terms, and begin working out the details of this new ecom brand with the influencer. They should be able to tell you exactly what their audience would want. Get the product and Shopify store ready, have the influencer start teasing the launch, go live, and hopefully make some money, right? Check out The Ecom King on YouTube for more of the nitty-gritty. His net worth is believed to be around two million dollars.

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