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Crypto Millionaire Podcast Review


Crypto Millionaire Podcast host Scott Phillips asks, “How would you like to turn one Bitcoin into ten Bitcoins, without taking a lot of crazy risks? Well, I’ve done it. And I’ve shown hundreds of people how to do it too. It’s a simple trick that doesn’t take a lot of time. And you don’t need to know anything technical about crypto or blockchain. So far this year this strategy has delivered a twenty-five X return. And even better, it’s steady and smooth as clockwork the whole way.” Read on for my review.

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Scott continues, “In fact, after I pulled my first million out of it, I automated everything. And now it’s just press-button-make-money. This is so simple and so easy that my seventy-seven year old father can do this. Doesn’t take a lot of time; just ten minutes a week. And you’ll be up and earning in minutes. Actually, I just got done being on an episode of the Crypto Millionaire Podcast, where I laid out my exact strategy for making millions from crypto on autopilot.”

“Now, you might be skeptical to get into crypto because you’re afraid to lose your money, and I get that. In fact, in 2018, I lost a pile of money trading crypto myself. I’ve seen it happen to other people as well. But if you jump on the podcast, you’ll discover the method I invented to make it virtually impossible to get stuck holding the bag when the bull market ends. You see, I’ve been able to do some very advanced data mining on the blockchain itself, and I’ve discovered how we can predict the exact date the bull market ends.”

“This way, you can cash out at the perfect time,” Scott claims. “That makes it almost impossible to lose. Countless people have used my strategy to make literally millions and millions of dollars from crypto. If you want to join them and get on the fast track to wealth with me, just go watch the podcast I mentioned earlier. There, I’ll explain how all you need to do is pick the right coin at the right time. But that’s easier said than done, right? There’s ten thousand coins. How do you know which is gonna go up? Or when to sell and get out so you can keep all your profits?”


Lucky for you, Scott’s come up with a totally hands-free way to know which coins are about to jump in price, and which are about to crash. And if you think you’re too late to cash-in on crypto, think again, Scott says. As price goes up, so does adoption. More and more people are becoming believers. They’re coming over, wanting to get their piece of the crypto pie. And since hardly anyone’s selling, well, that means the price will continue to go up. Scott would argue there’s more money to be made now, and it’s never been easier.

Last year the total market cap for crypto was about a hundred and eighteen billion dollars. Today, it’s about two-point-five trillion. It’s an explosive opportunity and Scott believes he’s cracked the code. But can you trust him? After all, this is a man who, after building a successful online porn business in the earliest days of the internet, got hooked on crystal meth and ended up in jail for a number of years. He also seems to have set up this whole Crypto Millionaire Podcast brand as an infomercial in disguise. Like, there’s not really a podcast by that name. It’s just this one “episode” positioning Scott as a crypto savant.

And then, to claim you know exactly which altcoins are about to go parabolic and when they’re gonna peak, and the precise moment the bull market’s gonna peter out? Well, call me a cynic, but that’s a little hard to believe. Time will tell I guess. Scott’s either about to be a billionaire, being written about all over CNBC and Forbes, or he’s full of crap and makes most of his money exploiting people who think they’re gonna bet a thousand dollars on the next Shiba Inu and retire someplace tropical a month later.

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