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Home Service Academy Review

Mary And A Mop

Johnny Robinson and his business partner, Sergio Silesky, scaled their remote cleaning business, Orange Window Cleaning, to $65,000 per month. Of all the money-making opportunities out there right now—and there are a ton—most of ’em aren’t gonna work for you. This, according to Johnny. How does he know? ‘Cause he’s tried most of ’em. Amazon FBA, Shopify drop shipping, starting a marketing agency, flipping houses, you name it.

“Believe it or not,” Johnny says, “the only one that allowed me to make multiple six-figures per year in profit? Was actually a remote house cleaning business. And yes, you heard that right. Like a house cleaning business with a mop. Except the cool thing is, I don’t do any of the cleaning, I don’t scrub any toilets; I actually run this business completely remotely from anywhere in the world. And no, it doesn’t sound sexy, but hear me out. It took me less work than a part-time job.”

“And I did it while being a full-time student in college,” he continues. “And now I’m financially free. And the reason it works so well is because simple beats sexy 100% of the time. So if you’re seriously interested in growing a remote house cleaning business to a six-figure income, completely remotely, for this year and beyond? Check out Home Service Academy, where I reveal my three biggest secrets for going from a broke college student to selling over $1.3 million in remote cleaning services.”

Johnny and Sergio own a second remote cleaning business, Mary & A Mop, that does decent as well. They wanna take their proven system, hand it over to you. Step one is your business foundation. This includes registering your business, getting it insured, things like that. It’ll take one to two weeks, tops. Step two is finding the right providers and independent contractors to do the literal dirty work. These’ll be people you can trust; they’ll do great work; and you can manage ’em from anywhere in the world.

Orange Window Cleaning

Now you need customers, right? So that’s step three. “Once you’ve set up your business,” Johnny says, “you’ve sourced your contractors, from there, we’re gonna teach you every paid and every organic method out there to be able to generate you endless leads and sales for your business. We’ll even show you exactly how to sell your services and overcome any objections you might face in the sales process. This means, even if you come in with zero marketing or sales experience, you’ll become a master at producing revenue.”

Johnny and Sergio have a guarantee. If this doesn’t work for you, defined by you not making at least $10,000 in profit in the next 60 days, they’ll refund your entire investment. But you do have to follow the steps and give it an honest try. Money’s not just gonna magically fall from the sky or anything. They don’t have the winning lottery numbers. “But if you do the things we teach you,” Johnny assures us, “it’s going to work. You got it? So that’s why there’s a guarantee. We put our money where our mouth is.”

No mention of cost. Fill out an app and book a call to learn more. The testimonials they have so far look pretty promising. For example, there’s Mark and Vanessa, who, eight weeks in, had this to say: “In September, we made $21.5k in revenue. And this month, October, we’re on pace to do over $30k. The support system has been amazing. We couldn’t even have imagined how far the Academy could take us. Really excited for what the future holds.” That’s awesome but I wouldn’t wanna manage people or deal with Karens who pretend one of the workers broke something and is now threatening to sue.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.