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Investor Creator Reviews (Brad Smotherman)

Murfreesboro TN

Brad Smotherman is the host of the Investor Creator Podcast. He also helps experienced wholesalers and flippers, who’ve done at least three deals and have at least $2k per month to spend on marketing, to scale their real estate investing biz to $300k in 12 months or less. Even better, if you fall short, he’ll work with you for free until you hit that mark. Okay, what does that mean, exactly? And what’s it gonna cost? Read every word of this review to find out.

“If you’ve done a few deals but you’re lacking the consistency and cash flow you need to get to $300,000 per year in your real estate investing business, our company has one very simple guarantee,” Brad says. “We will help you generate $300,000 in gross profit in the next 12 months; and if we don’t, we will work with you for free until you do. Which means, if you’re an existing real estate investor or wholesaler, and you have at least $2,000 a month to allocate towards marketing?”

“You can use our in-house marketing manager to do your marketing for you,” he continues. “Now, how can I sit here and make such a claim like this? Well it’s pretty simple. There are two reasons. Number one, I’ve already helped hundreds of people build wildly profitable mid-six- and even seven-figure real estate empires without sacrificing their time, happiness, or freedom. Number two, we also buy about $1 million worth of equity every single month inside of our own real estate investing firm.”

That means, everything Brad teaches is derived from what he’s doing on a day-to-day basis. And it’s not what you might think. He doesn’t cold call, cold text, send out direct mail, drive for dollars, or any of that stuff. Instead, he uses simple, easy-to-make, low-budget ads that pull in his ideal seller. No need to reinvent the wheel here. Just let Brad’s team clone their campaigns over to you, so you can generate highly qualified leads—in your local market—without you lifting a finger.

Make That Paper

“Another reason our process works to such a high degree,” Brad explains, “is our unique deal structure that I teach all of our clients to implement. A fraction of the deal structures that a majority of wholesalers and house flippers use lead to an occasional spike in cash. You’re simply not setting yourself up to have long-term passive cash flow. Which means you’re constantly on the hamster wheel trying to find your next deal. Instead, we flip the entire deal structure on its head.”

“And by making just a few small tweaks to the way that you present and structure your deal,” he adds, “you’re gonna be able to start creating passive cash flow that’s consistent month over month regardless of whether or not you find a new deal. The best part is, it ends up being better for you and your seller. So it’s a win-win all around. Last is the experience. Put simply, there’s no one out there right now that’s actively teaching what they’re doing and also actively doing what they’re teaching. Purchasing $1 million per month in equity gives you a lot of learning lessons.”

Wanna ride shotgun with Brad while he builds his business, so you can just model his every move? And piggyback off his processes and systems and even his own internal marketing team? So you can sprint to $300k, gross profit—at an absolute minimum—within the next calendar year? If so, he invites you to schedule a demo with one of his sales reps. Ask questions, get a lay of the land, see if it’s something you wanna do. Cost? He doesn’t say. I’m sure it’s up there. And yeah, he’s got the guarantee, but who’s to say he’ll ever get you there if he can’t do it in the first 12 months?

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