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Ascension Financial Strategies Review (Josh Ryan)


Ascension Financial Strategies founder Josh Ryan failed miserably. This was back in 2008 when he was a real estate agent. At the time, he was earning what he thought was a decent amount of money. With it, he followed all the traditional financial advice. He had three months’ worth of living expenses saved up. He bought the house a banker said he could afford. And he owned a well diversified, high quality portfolio. But when the market did a swan dive, none of it protected him.

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“We lost it all,” Josh recalls. “So I became a financial advisor. See, I wanted to learn exactly how I could be sure that we never go through that again. And just as important, I wanted to make sure no one else did either. The problem was? I was taught how to sell financial products. I was taught how to get clients and do seminars and cold call. I didn’t feel like I was learning how to create real substantial wealth for anyone. Everything was based on antiquated investment ideology.”

The people that he’s talking to today? They don’t wanna slowly chip away at their retirement and hope they have enough when the time comes. They wanna live their lives now and then. They don’t wanna be shackled to their jobs for the next fifteen to thirty years. They want freedom. Freedom over their time, their money, and the freedom to become who they’re meant to be. Over the last thirteen years, Josh has helped hundreds of high achievers do all the above.

He’s confident he can help you do the same. “What we discovered is that there’s a sequence to creating more massive net worth faster than many people think,” Josh says. “The first step is this, and this is really more of a mindset: concentrate to get rich, diversify to stay rich. This is counter to common investing that seems to suggest you should immediately diversify into a ‘high quality diversified portfolio.’ That’s the worst financial advice that’s out there.”

Josh Ryan Retirement Specialist

Josh admits, sure, there’s a time and place for diversification. But it’s not “always and everywhere.” Another question you should be asking yourself, is this: What would you do if you knew that you couldn’t fail? Because that’s what Josh does for his clients. He helps you build a “family vault” so that you actually feel like you can’t fail. It’s flush with cash, protected by insurance, and covered by legal. As a result, you’ll feel powerful, and in complete control.

You can earn, keep, grow, and leverage your wealth. Then rinse and repeat over and over. Each time, going bigger and moving faster. Whether it’s stocks, real estate, business, a franchise, insurance, or something you haven’t even discovered yet. Find the pattern, then repeat. Find the sequence and then scale. If you’re feeling any of this, Josh wants to introduce you to his company, Ascension Financial Strategies, a firm for anyone seeking financial prosperity.

Imagine going from just getting by, to total abundance. Imagine having such a strong foundation in place, that you wake up each day feeling financially bulletproof. Imagine being able to make bold moves without worrying about it not working out. It’s all within your grasp, Josh says. But you gotta take the first step. There’s a short movie for you waiting at Summit Map Sequence dot com. Watch it, then snag a spot on his calendar and speak with someone on his team. No mention of cost.

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