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Robert Syfert Reviews (DFY Real Estate Investing)

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Robert Syfert has spent the last 15+ years building his real estate investing business. He claims it’s made him a millionaire. Now he wants to help you quit your day job, build generational wealth, and obtain absolute financial and personal freedom through real estate. “We have a host of done-for-you services,” he says. “So instead of figuring out how to hire and train and manage people to handle the things you have to do, we already have them built in.”

“By working with us, you can automate your REI business and simply focus on closing deals,” Robert continues. “And the first part is automating the quality of your data. People get told to go buy this list or that list and then market to those people, right? But now you’ve got all this data and there’s a lot of crossover within your data. And there’s more highly motivated people within there that you’re not targeting specifically. There’s a ton of waste, too. So that’s first and foremost.”

“Then number two is you can automate text messages to people who’ve already asked for information. You can automate email. You can automate ringless voicemail drops. You can automate sending out postcards to people’s houses. That’s the core of what matters most. I find that most investors don’t follow up. They’re very keen on like the hot deal that came in over the phone and that’s it. And if that deal doesn’t go perfectly and close, they forget all about it. Maybe they make a second call, but that’s about it.”

If that’s you, you’re throwing money out the window. Studies show that the typical deal takes between eight and twelve touches. It’s sales 101. And yet, Robert starts from a place of all leads suck. As in, they all want top dollar. They all want the most for their house. And none of ’em wanna be agreeable, meet you in the middle, and get the deal done. When you start your salespeople there, it gets rid of their complaints and excuses instantly. Like, yeah, I told you that on day one, now get to work.


And use your improved data to target those that suck the least, right? Folks who’ve got some equity built up. Tax defaults. Foreclosures and pre-foreclosures. A recent death in the family. A recent divorce. Maybe even just targeting landlords who’re burnt out, they’re struggling to collect rent, the tenants are driving ’em bonkers, whatever it is. So you could look for houses in your market that have the owner listed as out of state, for example. And obviously, anything that’s sitting there vacant is as good as gold.

In terms of ROI, Robert shoots for at least three, if not four-to-one on his money. If you’re not seeing returns like that, you’re either not good at what you’re doing, or the marketing channel you’re using is too expensive—something’s off. Bad data, poor follow-up, awful at negotiating, that market’s just not responding, something. “It all comes down to tracking,” he explains. “If I’m putting marketing dollars into a channel, I’m gonna track that closely over a 90-day window and make sure it’s hitting KPIs.”

“So we either get a good ROI on everything we do; or, if not, we totally shut that marketing channel off,” Robert adds. “Or, occasionally, we’ll identify an issue somewhere and we need to go fix it, right? But you absolutely must get a return on investment.” If you would like Robert to personally help you with all of this, he’s got a 30-day done-for-you program you can apply for. He doesn’t say what it costs but I’m guessing it’s probably not cheap. Alternatively, you could just tap below and learn about virtual real estate.

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