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Empire Author Review (Matthew Thrush)

Empire Ghostwriter

Matthew Thrush says owning an eBook series is the smart move. It’s fast, simple, and you can make great money. 

It’s lower risk than Amazon automation.

You don’t have to write the eBooks yourself.

And you can make upwards of $30,000 per month in completely passive income.

Hold on. This guy can’t be serious, can he? Let’s find out.

Read on for my Empire Publishing review. 

Why listen to Matthew?

  • He’s written and published over 1,000 books.
  • He’s taken part in more than 1,500 book launches.
  • Says he’s a 200-time bestselling author.
  • And his clients make $1,500 to $50,000+ a month with digital books.

Jeez. MT slams down his qualifications like Judge Judy’s gavel – case closed.

The beauty of eBooks, Matthew explains, is there’s no inventory. No overhead costs. And you don’t have to compete with skilled people in an overcrowded market.

Uh, homie? Kindle publishing’s seen more seasons than Breaking Bad. You sure about that last part?

Yep, he says.

Or how would he have Empire Author reviews like these:

  • 11-year-old Adam published two different fiction series that bring in $2,000 per month.
  • Mark put out three eBooks on how to use ChatGPT to make money online. He makes $1,500 per month now.
  • Isabella created two eBooks on life after divorce. She’s doing $2,000 per month, with more books on the way.

What do all of these students have in common?

They all tried other side hustles first. Ecom, Shopify, affiliate marketing, trading bot thingamajigs, crypto, you name it.

None of that stuff worked.

But Matthew’s Bestseller Passive Profit System certainly did.

Damn. It wasn’t enough to dunk on other business models, Matthew had to go and shatter the glass.

He says it’s not your fault if you’ve tried one of the above and failed.

Blame complexity. Blame saturation. Blame all the startup capital you needed. But don’t you dare blame yourself, Matthew says.

Selling books virtually – that you didn’t even write – is the ultimate unlock.

It opens the door to cash flow, which opens the door to freedom.

Author Hacker Challenge

You can do this under your own name or a pen name.

So the possibilities are endless. You could outsource any book on any subject in any sector you want. Nobody has to know that it’s you who’s profiting.

Pillar 1 is identifying your bestseller sweet spot.

You want a niche with high consumption and low publishing rates.

Pillar 2 is to map out a four-book series and a bundle set that gives the market exactly what they want.

Here’s how:

Scrape the reviews of the top 100 books in that niche.

What did people like? Not like? What did they wish was in those books? There’s your blueprint, right?

Just make sure each book is fast and easy to read.

And use cliffhangers at the end of each book to keep ’em moving through the series.

Pillar 3 is what Matthew calls “review and sale siphoning.”

Matthew’s network of self-publishers will drop some 5-star reviews to get the ball rolling.

(Is what it sounds like.)

Hmm, not sure how I feel about that. That’s like some “meet me in the parking lot” energy.

Matthew tells a quick story to ease my skepticism.

There’s this woman. She’s stuck in a flood. She’s on the rooftop, praying for God to save her.

Boat comes by, says, “Hey, get in!”

“No thank you,” she says. “I prayed to God. He’s gonna save me. I don’t need your boat.”

Water’s now up to her neck.

Helicopter flies by, throws a rope ladder down. “Grab on!”

Again, she passes. “Thanks anyways, God’s gonna save me!”

‘Bout a minute later, she drowns.

She goes to heaven and comes face to face with God Almighty. “Why didn’t you save me?” she asks.

“Look lady, I sent you a boat, then I sent you a helicopter,” He says. “What more did you want me to do?”

Matthew’s here with his boat, Empire Author.

No mention of cost though.

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