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Level Up Tech Sales Review

Techie Girl

Level Up Tech Sales has a course that’ll help you establish a reliable six-figure career in tech sales. But what exactly does that mean, right? Well, think about it. Companies like Uber, Microsoft, and LinkedIn all have sales reps that sell their products. And eight of the top ten largest companies in the world are in the tech space. Tech sales, therefore, is the vague term given to the process of selling technology as software, hardware, or an IT service. Read on for my review.

Okay, just so you don’t get the wrong idea, here’s what this isn’t. This isn’t you using slimy sales tactics. It’s not high pressure, “buy or die” style of selling. You won’t be lying to clients, doing whatever it takes to win, nor should you be motivated purely by money. Instead, it’s a consultative approach. The goal is to create win-win scenarios, always acting in the customer’s best interest. It’s solution-based selling, and you’ll be taught to carry yourself like a true professional. Got it? Good.

Here’s why you should care. For one, the tech sector is already dominating, and yet, perpetually exploding. So yeah, opportunity galore. For two, tech sales has competitive base salaries. Three, you can work remotely. Four, you can have a flexible schedule. What else? You usually get a ton of paid time off. There’s the potential for stock options. And, who knows, within a year or two, you could be making more than $100,000 a year in commissions. And you don’t even need an MD after your name.

According to the team at Level Up Tech Sales, most people in this line of work will make at least between $52,500 and $114,756 annually. And it’s sustainable. One study showed that about 56% of technology-based sales reps were able to maintain that income year over year. And that’s just entry-level positions. After a year and a half, things get even spicier. Median on-target earnings (meaning, if you hit your quota) jump to about $120,000 a year, with top performers pocketing nearly $261,000 a year.

Base Sales Pay

But say you stick with it. Another two or three years pass. All the while, you’re doing your thing, hitting your numbers, constantly getting better. You get promoted to Strategic or Enterprise Account Executive. What might your paycheck look like then, after you’ve truly earned your stripes? Well now you’re looking at an average annual income of around $240,000, with top performers tickling the $600,000 mark. Yep. I say boom boom boom, now let me hear you say way-ooh (way-ooh).

The Level Up Tech Sales course can position you for success in this field. There are 16 video modules, covering everything from why you should enter tech sales (assuming you’re not already convinced), to mindset, to cold calling, to screening for the right company, nailing the interview process, making sure you continually smash whatever quota they give you, and everything in between. The course will take you about a month to get through. You do not need to be techie or live in a tech hub. Cost is $99.99. Comes with a seven-day money back guarantee.

What are people who’ve already enrolled saying about the course? Roland believes he could’ve been a year or two ahead in his career, making at least $30k a year extra, had he taken it sooner. Then there was Leeanna, who said the course literally changed her life. It took her from working a mortgage job that wasn’t paying the bills, to finding her calling (and making a great living) with a tech company. She highly encourages you check it out. Or, if you don’t wanna answer to anybody, tap below.

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