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Scaling With Loans Review (Anthony Vanaki)

Credit Utilization

Lay your paws on as much as $250k in funding, smash through your revenue ceiling, and finally take profits to the next level. In as little as 30 days. Without wasting time or putting yourself at risk or begging the banks for a loan. That’s right, Anthony Vanaki is throwing down the gauntlet and daring you to doubt him. The Scaling With Loans founder knows this sounds a little crazy, but just hear him out. This is doable. He’s done it and so have many of his clients. Ready or not, here comes my review.

Anthony’s been an entrepreneur for 22+ years. He’s done everything from mortgages to commercial lending to credit repair. He’s helped entrepreneurs secure tens of millions of dollars in funding. He’s built a database of loan guidelines from the top 500 major banks. He’s analyzed tens of thousands of credit reports. Now he’s got a sixth sense when it comes to repairing and optimizing credit. There are five shifts you need to make, he says, to unlock capital and scale your business like a boss.

Shift No. 1 is to take radical responsibility for your finances. Have a goal in mind and a concrete vision of how you’ll get there. How many sales do you need to make per day? How’ll you get those sales? What’s your plan? Shift No. 2 is to use the multi-loan model. Apparently, when you apply for multiple business loans at once, you have a much better chance of gaining immediate access to cash. But you’re probably not doing this, are you? You’re afraid of getting denied, of astronomical APRs.

Shift No. 3 is using the bank hacking method. “See, by utilizing secret, streamlined bank programs,” Anthony explains, “you can qualify for the best interest rate and terms on the market in just a few days. It took me around 20 years to develop this method. But it’s a system that’s so easy, stress-free, and effective, that you’ll most definitely get the funding you need. And you’ll be positioned properly for years to come for any future funding opportunities.” Anthony’s putting me to sleep with this presentation.

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But let’s soldier on. Shift No. 4 is to leverage your lenders. Capitalize on more money to fund your dreams. It’s like fishing with a net versus using your bare hands. Prior to working with Anthony, his client Avery had applied for a business loan. Because his credit score was 654, the bank came back with an offer of 35% interest. Avery’s mouth fell open like a trapdoor. No way he could accept. Since joining the program, however, Anthony helped him boost his credit score 67 points, leverage other lenders, and secure $200k at a much more reasonable rate.

Last but not least, Shift No. 5, you need to be investing in mentoring. (I see Anthony’s self-interest meter is running high today.) “Everybody should have a mentor,” he pitches. “Mentors bring two major things, right? They bring new ideas and accountability. So they give you the strategies, the shortcuts, things that you never would’ve thought was possible in the past; but also, they’ve been there and done that, they can cut through the noise and really hold you accountable. A good mentor won’t let you get off track.”

How about getting Anthony’s help to make these five funding approach shifts? Imagine having a quarter-million-dollars at your disposal by this time next month. How would you leverage it? Marketing? Ads? More inventory? Would you hire top talent to grow your team? Invest in real estate? Something else? And how long till you’d see an ROI on that? And what would that ROI be? All questions to consider since Anthony’s confident he can get you that kinda dough if you enroll in Scaling With Loans.

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