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WiFi Flipping Academy Review (Nick Estes)


Nick Estes has a new way to invest in real estate. With it, you can make anywhere from $5k to $50k per month from the comfort of your own home. No need to buy the property. Or do repairs. And you don’t need any sort of real estate license or even any prior experience for that matter. All this, according to his Facebook ad I just saw.

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I clicked on Nick’s ad and registered for his free webinar. It kicks off with his bio. Long story short, Nick Estes grew up in a small town in Maine. He was a C and D student, so college was out of the question. After high school, he starts his first company doing handyman work. That led to full-on remodels. Which led to Nick running one of the largest real estate investment companies in his home state. And all of this before his 30th birthday.

Just one small problem. He was sick of fixing faucets, crooked contractors, and constantly having to put out fires. So he closed up shop, moved to Florida, and began virtual wholesaling. Today, Nick Estes makes millions of dollars flipping contracts from his laptop. He’s able to golf, travel, and get the most out of each and every day. His motto? The price for anything is the amount of life you trade for it.

Nick says his process is pretty simple. Find discounted homes. Get them under contract. Sell that piece of paper to a local investor. No need to buy the home. You’re just the matchmaker between seller and buyer. Get in, get paid, get out, avoid risk. Nick’s all about making “fast nickels” as opposed to “slow dimes.”

Nick points out that one thing that separates him as a teacher is that there’s no paradox of practice. He lives this. His company’s currently doing about 25 deals a month, all over the country. He says an average deal is worth $10k. So that’s, what, about $3 million a year? Not bad.

Nick reiterates the beauty of wholesaling. The contract is the asset. When you’ve got that, you’re holding a winning ticket. You can essentially flip that piece of paper for thousands of dollars, without so much as leaving the crib. It’s more scalable than other forms of real estate investing.

The key, Nick explains, is to find motivated sellers who are willing to part with their property at a discount. Someone who inherited a property they have no use for. Or someone who’s behind on their taxes or mortgage. Someone who just got divorced. Or took a new job out of state and needs to sell fast. A landlord with nightmare tenants. You get the idea. Question is: how do you market to those people?

Nick Estes Virtual Wholesaling

That’s where Nick’s software comes in handy. It’s called Estes Data. You sign in, select the type of prospect you’re looking for, pick a city, run the report, and it spits back a list of supposed homeowners who match that criteria. Hit save. Pop it open. And here’s the part I would honestly never do: start cold calling or texting them. Yuck.

If someone’s open to selling, qualify ’em over the phone using Nick’s script. Negotiate a good price. Email them a purchase contract. Get it e-signed. Now find a local photographer to go take some nice pictures of the place.

Then go back into Nick’s software. Run another report. This time, to find potential investors in that same city. Forward photos and your best pitch to get ’em interested in purchasing the property. Hopefully you get some offers. Take the best one. Email them an assignment contract. Collect e-signature.

Once that’s done, email both signed contracts to a local closing company or attorney. They’ll take it from there. On the close date, voila, you get the difference between those two contracts. You’ll either get a check in the mail or, better yet, wire transfer.

Now for the pitch. If you want help doing this, plus access to Nick’s nifty little software, he’s got just the thing. It’s called WiFi Flipping Academy. Members will receive eight simple, step-by-step modules that walk you through the process of making “fast cash from your laptop.” Nick’s words, not mine. Included are all of Nick’s proven systems and scripts, contracts, access to his Help Hotline and JV Partnership Program, plus a bunch of bonuses.

The cost for WiFi Flipping Academy is $1,997. If you don’t buy right away and go back to Facebook, he’ll hit you with a retargeting ad that lets you in for six monthly installments of $287. Overall, no real objections from me. Seems like Nick’s a good guy who walks the walk, so I have no issue with his offer. But I do like our business model better. To see why, click below.

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