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Private Label Accelerator Review (Parker Wilde)


Parker Wilde is the creator of Private Label Accelerator FBA. He says the key to making bank on Amazon is picking the right product. If you get that right, you can do almost everything else wrong and still be successful. Easier said than done, right? “But what if a team of world-class Amazon sellers would actually pick your product for you, so you’d have the best possible chance of being successful?” Parker asks. Read on for my review.

Parker shares one of his own winning Amazon products. It’s this scratch off world map poster thingamajig. He gets it off AliExpress for about $1.90 per unit and then resells it on Amazon for $19.88. Great margins. But he knows what you’re thinking. Amazon’s saturated, right? Wrong. The pandemic fundamentally changed the way people shop—which is online, obviously, for basically everything now—and they ain’t turning back. Too convenient. So yeah, plenty of opportunity on Amazon still.

And no, you don’t have to live in the U.S. Nor do you need any prior experience or skills. It all comes down to three simple steps. The first of which Piggity already covered: finding the perfect product, which they’ll even do for you. Step two, then, is to find the right manufacturer to mass produce that product for you, for as little as possible, without sacrificing quality. They’ll help you shop around. And then, step three? Rank that product on Amazon so you start getting organic sales on the daily.

One PLA client, Kenny, was reluctant to join. Eventually, though, he decided, what the heck, I’ll give this a shot. Thirty days later, he had made over $20k and completely changed his life’s trajectory. Then there’s Jen, a mother of two who hated her day job. Thanks to Parker and company, she was able to quit. She now makes more than $12k per month selling on Amazon. Similar story for Christian, who enrolled in PLA a few months back. He went from crummy 9-5, to traveling the world while his AMZ biz runs in the background.

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“Long story short,” Parker summarizes, “we’re finding the products for our clients from the very beginning. Now they’re no longer overwhelmed. They have the guidance they need. They don’t have to guess. We handle the most complex part of the entire process for them. We make it easy for them because we do everything for them. That is why I have so many happy customers. We know what we’re doing, we’re finding the right products, the right suppliers, getting the right ROI for people.”

Interested? Because Parker’s looking for more dream partners. People who are serious, who are ready and able to invest in themselves, who are tired of screwing around with free YouTube videos and lousy FBA courses and gurus who’re only after their money. Funny he says that because, just a few months ago, he was giving a shout-out to his mentor, Kevin David, who used to sell an eerily similar offer. That is, until the FTC stepped in, shut him down, and ordered him to repay like $53 million to his victims.

If that’s who Parker looked up to and modeled his business after, that’s the reddest of flags. I also feel like he fibs about how many applications they get per day. He says 100+. Pfft. I bet it’s under 10. Either way, you better hurry—they can only work with so many people at a time. Spots are going fast. Sure Parker, we believe ya. I couldn’t find how much Private Label Accelerator costs, but KD, before he fled the country, was charging people anywhere from $30,000 to $100,000. Gross.

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