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Will Motivation Real Estate Course Review


Will Moss aka Will Motivation wants to know if you’re tired of being broke. If so, he knows your pain. He used to work a j-o-b, and live check to check, lucky to take home thirty-five grand a year. Then he discovered real estate investing, and let’s just say, today, his life looks a lot different. His net worth is over a million dollars. He currently manages a portfolio of over twenty investment properties and has done more than sixty fix-and-flips. And he drives all kinds of cool cars, which he flaunts on YouTube.

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“My mortgage payment every month is zero dollars,” Will says, “so I can afford a much more expensive car. But how in the world do I have a zero-dollar-a-month mortgage payment? Every time I bought a house, I kept it when I moved, and I turned it into a rental property. So the house that I live in now is paid for by all of the houses that I lived in before, when people make their rent payment. I take that rent money that they pay, I pay the mortgage for my current house, and the money that’s left over goes into a business account that pays for everything else.”

“So, what am I getting at?” he continues. “What I’m getting at is, if you buy the place that you live in and then you keep it when you move and turn it into a rental property as an investment, then that eventually can pay for where you live in the future. And that’s exactly what happened to keep my monthly expenses super low because I have rental properties that pay for it. Now, the other thing that I did when I was moving into different houses, is I also started to buy more rental properties and rent those out as well.”

“A lot of you guys say, ‘Okay, that’s fine and dandy, you got some rental properties and those rental properties pay for the house that you live in, but you still have to save money every month.’ All right, so what happens when you have rental properties and you’re getting rent payments and paying down the mortgages on those houses, and every month as you pay down the mortgages, guess what happens? That’s almost like money saved, the balances get lower and lower, and thus you increase your net worth.”


Here’s the punchline, according to Will: be smart with your money, save your money, invest it in real estate. Everyone needs a place to live, right? So why not own lots of places, over time, and turn each one into a passive income stream? And you could even sell any of those properties, at any point, for a big payout, if it makes sense to. And then you could afford toys like Will has, be it a metallic-red supercharged Lamborghini or a murdered-out Ferrari F12 or whatever he happens to be driving at the moment.

And if you’d like Will’s assistance doing that, he’s got just the course for you. It’s simply called How To Make Money Investing In Real Estate. The curriculum is divided into nine sections, and covers everything from understanding the game, to different monetizations strategies, to the art of the deal, to scaling up to become a millionaire real estate investor, and everything in between. It’s entirely self-paced, so you can join today and make your way through the training as your schedule allows. You get lifetime updates, too.

How much does Will Motivation’s real estate course cost? There are two payment options. You can either do a single payment of four hundred and ninety-five dollars, or three monthly installments of one hundred and seventy-five dollars. You’re protected by a thirty day money-back guarantee. Will’s a cool guy. He comes across as honest, hardworking, and funny enough, despite showing off all those high-end whips, he’s nothing like the douchey gurus who you usually see doing that kind of stuff on Instagram.

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