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0 Percent Review (Funding Secrets)


Jeff Sekinger and Tyler Bossetti created 0 Percent to help you achieve financial freedom. Specifically, they’ll show you how to get approved for more than fifty grand in business funding, at a zero percent interest rate, even if all you have right now is an idea and nothing else. Okay, how? And wouldn’t you need at least decent credit for this to work? Also, what’s the catch? Why are they telling you about it, right? I’ll answer all that and more in my 0Percent review below.

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“Business never worked for me,” Jeff says. “And I tried for over a decade, in high school, and then in college, and then again in the corporate world when I worked for the biggest bank inside the United States. And it never worked because I didn’t have the oxygen to actually run the business. And what I mean by oxygen is I didn’t have the capital in order to either start the business or I didn’t have the capital to scale the business. And it wasn’t until I learned one secret about financing that everything changed.”

“And this one secret allowed me to start a business, scale it to multiple six figures, I was able to quit my corporate banking job and continue to use this secret over and over again,” he continues. “And now I have multiple businesses that make me millions of dollars a year. And this one secret is called ‘strategic zero percent financing.’ Now that’s a phrase that I actually coined and I figured it out through trial and error. And it allows you to start a business using other people’s money, without giving up equity, and we don’t even have to pay to use their money.”

“And it also doesn’t lower your credit score, and it’s also almost unlimited amounts of funding because you can do this on multiple businesses, several times a year. Which is absolutely extraordinary. Now this secret has not only worked dozens of times for myself, but it’s also worked for thousands of our clients across the United States, where we have been able to help them secure tens of millions of dollars of strategic zero percent business credit. This way, they can create the income and lifestyle they desire.”


“Now you may be wondering who this worked for and would it actually work for me. And the good news is it works for just about anyone inside the United States regardless of if you have a business or you do not have a business. Because this type of financing works for new businesses and preexisting businesses. And you can use the capital for just about anything that you desire, okay? And even better, this is the same exact information and program that has helped me get out of my job along with thousands and thousands of our clients.”

Jeff claims he’s releasing this information to only one hundred people. So it’s sorta like a test group. And if you’d like to be included in that one hundred, you best hurry, because it won’t last long. That’s because this information is so in demand, they’ve had people pay them tens of thousands of dollars to access it. The course is called Funding Secrets and it costs three hundred bucks with an optional three hundred dollar upsell that teaches you even more tricks of the trade. There’s a thirty day money back guarantee.

Some of what you’ll learn inside: how to start an entity that qualifies for maximum funding; how to optimize your personal credit score; how to bypass the banks’ denial triggers; how to get 0% interest credit and keep it that way for three plus years; how to execute the perfect funding sequence; and that’s just a small taste. As long as there’s not a bunch more upsells once you join, I don’t hate the offer. This is information I would’ve loved to have had when I first got started online and felt handcuffed by my complete lack of capital.

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