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Marc Barrett Review (Side Hustle Millionaire Secrets)


Marc Barrett claims he made thirty-eight thousand in one day. But it wasn’t always that way. He used to have a nine to five job he thought he’d never escape from. Luckily, he stumbled upon this mysterious autopilot income system, and now he’ll never have to work another day in his life. You can join him. He’ll tell you how in his new eBook, Side Hustle Millionaire Secrets. Skeptical? You should be. Scroll down for my Marc Barrett review.

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Once you sign up for the PDF guide, you’re taken to another video from Marc. You’re told Side Hustle Millionaire Secrets will arrive in your inbox shortly. For now, he’d like to tell you about a high ticket, high profit opportunity he’s involved with. Where you can plug yourself into a system where all the rough edges have been taken off. You don’t have to worry about advertising. They have a co-op. Everyone chips in on ad spend; the ads are run for you.

You don’t need to build websites or marketing funnels. You can just duplicate theirs. No need to worry about chasing people down, trying to close a deal for twenty grand; they have phone closers for that. So it’s kind of a done-for-you business concept, Marc says. You wouldn’t have to spend more than an hour or two a week working on this. Probably not even that.

What about the products? What is actually being sold here? Well this is where everything sort of falls apart. Marc hardly mentions them. Basically, don’t worry about it. You’re going to make a ton of money and that’s all that matters. Remember, this system made Marc a millionaire. Once you buy in, you’ll be using the same system. How could you possibly lose?

Blue Sky Marketing Advisors

Coach Marc has it down to a science. Their team regularly closes high dollar transactions. All the way up to a hundred thousand dollars for a single sale. They can do the same for you. Pause. How can they sell something for six figures without sharing any details about what it is? Oh wait, I know. By promising quick and easy riches. And that’s exactly what this is. An actual pyramid scheme.

There’s a reason every ad they run is under a different name, uses a different URL, offers a different free report. Each rebrand is like hitting the reputation reset button. So once The Prosperity Warrior campaign gets exposed, they’ll switch to Simple System Access. Once that gets enough negative reviews, well, here we are. Market Pro Secrets dot com with Marc. (Probably not his real name.) Next week, it’ll be something different. I’ll just keep writing about it until, hopefully, these crooks end up behind bars.

And honestly? Shame on you if you were actually considering this. Use some common sense. Thirty-eight grand a day? Without having to do anything? The fact that people are buying into this is baffling. Although, I get it. Marc Barrett (and Matt Graham and Orlando Diaz and “Coach Josh” and whoever else is at the top of this pyramid) make it sound so amazing, it just wears you down. You think, What if? and you just go for it because, dammit, you want that new life so bad.

ALTERNATIVE: Make Money Without Scamming People

Katie Smith: “Hey y’all. I’m the chief marketing officer here at Zuubly. I’d like to show you a new way to do real estate. Think: rent money minus tenants, toilets, trash, and steep startup costs. Here’s more.”