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Living Legacy Association Review (Brian Fouts)

Wealth Blueprint Training

Brian Fouts felt compelled to make this video while driving, which is about as guru as a yoga retreat on a mountaintop. You may know Brian as the CEO of The Elevation Group, an education company that sells all kinds of courses on investing and protecting your money. But now he’s got a new project called Living Legacy Association. It’s for business owners, entrepreneurs, high income earners, or even workers wanting to transform their wealth and secure their financial future. Oh boy, here we go again.

“One of the biggest problems today is you don’t know who to trust,” Brian says. “Right? You don’t know if you’re receiving good or bad financial advice because nearly all the advisors are taking you down that traditional path rather than that of the ultra wealthy. If they’re talking to you about retirement, you know that you’re talking to someone who’s gonna keep you playing small and underperforming for decades to come. I see this all the time. You either have no plan at all, or a partial plan, which oftentimes is worse.”

You likely lack the knowledge and belief to take the appropriate action with your finances. So you miss out on these life-changing strategies that somehow only Brian and billionaires know about. “And especially in times of recession,” he adds, “we need something I call specific knowledge. Now this is something that can’t be taught but it can be learned. Does this sound like you? Do you find yourself working really hard but you still don’t have the money that you feel you should have to invest?”

“Maybe you only have one stream of income, but you know you should have more. Maybe you earn a great living but you’re exhausted, right? And you don’t see a way out. Maybe you’ve taken the recommended actions in the past, but unfortunately, you’ve lost money. Maybe you’re excited to take the next big step and level yourself up financially. But you’re terrified of having to start all over again. Maybe you want your kids to see all the success you’ve created in your life, but you don’t know how to make it happen,” Brian says, meandering through his thoughts like a lazy river.

Wealth Accelerator

You know you need to do something different, but what? What is that thing? I know! Maybe an average-looking guy who filmed an ad in his average-looking car and targeted you on Facebook has all the answers! You see, Brian was taught to work hard and save money. But where’d that get him? Nowhere. Then somehow he found himself around some of the most elite investors in the world. They taught him how the government creates laws to steal from the middle class, while the wealthy leverage those same laws to compound their cash, save on taxes, and cement their legacy.

“Now once you learn how to step into this other world of wealth building and investing,” Brian pitches, “all these rules and advantages begin working for you instead of against you. Now once I learned the rules of engagement, right, I began taking specific steps to make sure that the deck was always stacked in my favor. I was no longer blindly giving control of my future to somebody else. I was the one in control. Now’s the time where there’s a significant shift in money flow and we want it flowing towards you, right?”

If Brian doesn’t get to the point soon, we’ll need a search and rescue team to find it. Something about learning alternative and safe strategies for your nest egg. Becoming your own bank. Generating guaranteed returns. Creating tax-free generational wealth starting on day one. Putting your money to work for you in two places at once. Plus having liquidity so you can invest whenever opportunities present themselves. This guy’s about as believable as a politician’s promise. If you disagree, you can buy his Wealth Accelerator program for thousands of dollars. Plus upsells.

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