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The Daily Traders Review (Mark Thomas)


Nothing screams “I’m legit” like a kid parading by a neon-green Lambo and a sinister G Wagon on the internet. Enter Mark Thomas, founder of The Daily Traders, which he claims is the premier stock trading community. It’s weird, he’s got 1.3 million Instagram followers, but his gaudy lifestyle posts get very little engagement. Smells like a bot-buying spree, doesn’t it? I know, I know, this review is starting off like a bad first date – let’s hope it gets better.

Discover the secrets to becoming a million-dollar trader, Mark teases over on TheDailyTraders.com. His team has poured 2,000 hours into creating the most effective trading mentorship on the internet. Some of the benefits of joining? See Mark’s exact trades in the stock market; get alerts whenever he buys and sells a stock – right when it happens; there’s training on position breakdowns; comprehensive analysis; explanations of each trade – like the “why” behind it, etc.; plus complete and total transparency.

Once you’re in, brace yourself for the Market Masterclass: 30+ deep-dive screen share and whiteboard lessons, primed for swift and potent learning. You’ll unravel Mark’s trading system and his killer execution. Newbie? No sweat. Mark’s crafted this for fresh-faced traders like you, with an easy-to-digest, no-nonsense curriculum. Plus, you’ll unlock the Daily Traders Discord group – ask away, get answers, peek at pre-market watchlists, mingle with high-rolling traders, and more.

In his overview video, Mark brags he’s up more than 150% year to date, even on his mentorship group callouts. “However, this isn’t just a callout group,” he emphasizes. “You’ll learn the precise trading system I’m using to generate over seven figures a year in the stock market. [If only we could see proof of that claim!] I’m gonna help you develop a third eye when it comes to looking at charts and trading the market. Another thing you’re gonna have is the ability to work one-on-one with myself. As much time as you need. I’m always there.”

Mark Thomas Private Jet

Sure, you might wonder if YouTube University could teach you all of this for free. Mark concedes that’s possible, but even a single missing puzzle piece could leave you stranded. In contrast, The Daily Traders acts as your stock market gains’ personal GPS. So, if you’re eager to join Mark and his posse of profit-seekers, you know the drill: pay the $394 fee, get registered, and Mark will welcome you inside. Am I sold on this dude banking seven figures a year from day trading alone? Laughable. Do I picture you rolling in ritzy rides and chartering jets after joining? Dream on. But, could you snatch a tip or two that pays for the program? Probably.

The real question: What are current members saying? Take Nicholas Kerr, for example, who’s been in for two months. He claims to have learned a lot and made about $400 in profit so far. Hmm. On one hand, it’s a genuine testimonial; on the other, it’s hardly enough to fuel a Lamborghini. Then there’s another guy, with a heavy accent, who’s been in for a year and loves it but has only done simulated trading. Seriously? You wasted bandwidth so a student could talk about his imaginary trading success? I think it’s clear – the only one cashing in here, is Mark.

Then you got the risk, the flaming wreck of a world we live in currently, all the fees and commissions nibbling away at your earnings, the time-sucking learning curve, and the emotional rollercoaster that comes with gambling (because let’s call it what it is). Ugh! It’s enough to make me wanna crawl into the shower and cry until my fingers prune. Seems wiser to redirect that time, energy, and capital towards an online business where you have greater control, does it not? I don’t know, maybe that’s just me.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.