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Ecom Domination Masterclass Review (Steve And Evan Tan, Douglas Lee)

Shopify Tan Brothers

Steve Tan and his brother Evan have been ecommerce entrepreneurs for over 12 years. Their bread and butter is dropshipping. They like to find one product that sells well, build a Shopify store around it, then scale with paid traffic. Altogether, the “Super Tan Bros” claim they’ve done over nine figures in sales. Read on for my Ecom Domination Masterclass review.

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With dropshipping, you do not physically see or touch your products. When someone places an order from your Shopify store, only then will you buy the product from your supplier (usually in China), who will ship it straight to your customer. Not only is it convenient for you, but because you’re not ordering a bunch of inventory up front, you can get started without much money.

Another advantage, especially if you compare it to Amazon FBA, is that you get to call the shots. Your website, your rules. In addition, you actually get to keep your own customer data. You can follow-up with them and sell them complimentary products. You can build “lookalike audiences” to market to. Basically, you have more control and profit potential.

Steve and Evan say you don’t need to know coding or be super techie either. Shopify has made it quick and easy for the average person to be up and running in a matter of minutes. And you can find hot products by browsing bestsellers over at AliExpress. Once you’ve found a winner, you can sync the product info to your Shopify store in just a few clicks. Okay, great. But how will you make sales, right? Scroll down.

LeapVista Douglas Lee

While there are countless ways to get people to your Shopify store, Evan and Steve (and their mentee, Douglas Lee, pictured above, who is the lead trainer for Ecom Domination Bootcamp), focus primarily on Facebook and Google ads. Between both platforms, you can reach pretty much anyone on the entire internet. Their algorithms are amazing at finding you buyers. And results are almost instantaneous.

That’s the mile high overview, anyways. If you would like the Tan brothers and Douglas Lee to fill in the gaps for you, they recommend joining their Ecom Domination program. You would have to sit through their two hour masterclass to see how much it costs. But essentially, it’s your typical step by step video course plus Facebook support group. I think everything these guys put out, under the Leap Vista umbrella, is legit. So if single product Shopify dropshipping is a skillset you’d like to learn, Ecom Domination is certainly worth considering.

However, I do have my concerns about the business model. For example, how has the pandemic affected shipping times from China? I have heard horror stories about dropshipped products taking up to six weeks to arrive at the customer’s doorstep. And sometimes the product is damaged or of poor quality. The other elephant in the room is ad spend. If you pay Facebook $40 to make a $35 sale, well, that’s not going to work now is it? Last, what about saturation? If every student is copying the bestsellers list on AliExpress, I mean, how sustainable is that? For a business model that’s truly wide open, see below.

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