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EarnFlo Review (Automated Amazon Ecom Store)

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Can you really earn $3,000 to $9,000 a month in passive income with an automated Amazon store? Jonathan from EarnFlo sure thinks so. “Our job is to review different investment opportunities, different products, and bring you the honest outcomes from those experiences,” he says. “And actually invest in them ourselves. I personally currently own three Amazon stores. One does around $3k a month in sales, one does around $6k, and my best performer does $40k.”

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“There’s a lot of sketchy opportunities out there,” Jonathan admits. “There’s a large spectrum of what’s a quality business opportunity or investment and what’s not. Our mission at EarnFlo is to understand and avoid risk; find opportunities that provide consistent returns; operate with total transparency and trustworthiness—same goes for the people that we work with; and to find high-growth opportunities, whether that’s in ecommerce, logistics, franchises, or anything else that comes from this new wave of digital business.”

In terms of ecom, Jonathan was exposed to Amazon a few years ago. Before that, he was focused on Shopify and WooCommerce. Fun fact: he actually did conversion rate optimization (or CRO, as the nerds say) for Eminem and Billie Eilish’s stores where they sell their merch. He also worked briefly for TikTok, helping out with marketing and virality. So yeah, the guy probably knows what he’s talking about. But it wasn’t till he hopped on the AMZ bandwagon that he had his first $45k month. The bug had bitten him.

“So here’s the thing,” Jonathan explains, “the old way of conducting business and conducting investments and conducting our lifestyle? Where you work for somebody else, build their business (not yours), save enough money to put your kids in a decent college, pay Uncle Sam, and have nothing left over? You don’t have to do that. But what a lot of people try to do, is they try to build a business from scratch, which could take years, and you’ll work twice as much, and 99% of startups just end up failing.”

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Jonathan’s teeing this up perfectly for himself. “We’re trying to invent a new way of thinking at EarnFlo,” he says, smacking his argument right down the middle of the fairway. “So, the new way? Is finding software and automation to run every stage of the business so you can be hands-off. And then what you can do is, you can pay people on a performance basis, relative to the results that they deliver for you. And this allows you to own and run your business from anywhere in the world.”

“Once you have all that,” he adds, “you wanna use a proven model. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here. And I think that’s where a lot of people get tripped up. So, if you wanna learn about how to create passive investments and passive income, just like in real estate except it’s digital properties, you may wanna get in on ecommerce automation. Or even another type of digital investment. Apply for an Ecom Strategy Session and we can walk you through different ideas that may work for your situation.”

You’d be required to open an LLC, get a dedicated bank account and a wholesaler account. Then have lots of open credit to pay for inventory. Outside of that, they’d handle the rest. The biggest risk, EarnFlo points out, is if your Amazon store gets slapped. If this happens, they’ll open you a new one, but it’ll set you back a few months. They don’t say what they charge or what they take for profit split, but these things are usually $30k or more with 30% or so of the monthly net going to them.

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