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Partner With Entrepreneurs Review (Chris Evans)

Chris Evans The Sales Mentor

Chris Evans is the face of Partner With Entrepreneurs, which says you can forget about ecom, affiliate marketing, MLM, day trading, and everything else because there’s a “new economy” skill set that’ll make ya ten K per month in no time. “Do not start a business,” Chris warns. “If you’ve heard the best way to make the money you want and live the life that you want is to start a business? It’s not.” Okay Chris, go on, I’m listening.

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“Whether it’s an ecom biz, dropshipping, affiliate marketing, wholesaling, the list goes on and on,” Chris continues. “It’s not a good idea. Here’s why. Number one, there’s way too much risk versus reward. There are a lot of things that have to go right for the business to be successful. You have to have great marketing, a great product or offer, you have to sell the product or service, you have to deliver it well, et cetera, et cetera. But that’s not all, right?”

“Number two, if you’re already working a full-time job, you probably don’t have the time to spend the thirty, forty, fifty hours a week it requires to get a great business off the ground. So what should you do instead? What else has the ability to give you freedom, give you the ability to work remote if you want? Well, instead of being an entrepreneur, you should consider becoming an intrapreneur. Someone who has one highly useful skill that can plug into an already existing and successful company.”

And yeah, basically, you can still make good money doing it and enjoy the freedom you’re after. Wanna know the one skill Chris is referring to? It’s high ticket closing. That’s what he and his business partner, Taylor Welch, teach inside their program, The Sales Closer Academy. Where you can supposedly make an extra ten to twenty K per month, net, working when and where you want, in just a few hours a week, and without all the headaches and hassles of having to start and grow your own business.


They’re not wrong. Big ticket inbound closing allows you to focus on one thing: get on the phone and make high dollar sales. That’s it. You sell some guru’s course or coaching program for five, ten, fifteen K; make a juicy fifteen percent commission each time you do; repeat, right? You have no overhead, no employees, you don’t need a website, you don’t gotta create content or run ads or make super slick sales pages, and you don’t have to do any godawful customer support. What’s not to like?

From my vantage point, there’s a few things. One, you still have a boss, more or less. Someone you have to answer to. If you’re a true entrepreneur, that’ll never fly. If not, probably not a big deal. Second, though, is it’s tough to find a good guru with a good program to sell for. Maybe they don’t have enough social proof to justify their asking price. Or maybe the leads they’re getting you suck. Or maybe they’re not bad, but it’s crazy inconsistent. One day you got five calls, the next you got none, right?

Third, I don’t think the numbers are quite as good as Chris and Taylor make ’em sound. There are very few programs in this space that sell (well) at five K or more. And then lots of buyers are gonna come in on pay plans, so you’re not getting that big fat commission all at once. And then some of your sales are gonna refund and chargeback, which’ll get clawed outta your next check. Fourth and final, Partner With Entrepreneurs (aka The Sales Closer Academy) obviously isn’t scalable. You can only take so many calls in a day. Not a bad offer, but also not something I’d personally ever wanna do.

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