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LPO Blueprint Review (Matt Graham)

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Matt Graham wants to know if you’d like a side hustle that can bring you an additional income stream without having to build websites or funnels or create videos or even mess around with paid advertising. If so, and if you’d just as soon not have to become an expert at anything, his LPO Blueprint has your name on it. Not that there’s anything wrong with wanting to gain a skillset. After all, that’s how Matt’s made millions over the past ten years: by mastering online marketing.

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“Becoming an expert was challenging, but worth it,” Matt says. “But if I had to start all over again today, I would not choose that path, knowing what I know now. You see there is a way with modern technology for you to tap into OPS, which simply stands for other people’s skills and systems. It’s essentially borrowing someone else’s expertise. Like asking your buddy to borrow his Lamborghini for a while. After a lot of trial and error, I’ve figured out a way to allow other people, like yourself, to share in my ads, my marketing systems, and the offers I promote.”

And since he’s got it all down to a science by now, you can bet that teaming up with Matt will create sales like clockwork. But what’s in it for him, right? Well, he’s able to build an awesome group of affiliates, which gives him even more leverage. “So again, let me ask you a simple question,” Matt continues. “Do you wanna have to master everything there is to know in order to have a chance at success online? Or would you rather tap into what someone else has already perfected?”

“If that sounds interesting to you, here’s what I want you to do: I want you to download, for free, my LPO Blueprint. [LPO stands for leads, process, and offers, by the way.] The Blueprint outlines these three things that you’ll need in order to have success in online business. And how I’ve taken my LPO Method and wrapped it up into an ethically duplicatable system that you can plug into as well if you want to. Of course, that’s if you want the ability to get set up with an online business without having to learn anything or figure out paid marketing.”

LPO Blueprint Review

“So again, if you wanna have a side hustle that can produce online commissions without first having to master lead generation, marketing systems, and finally, which offers to promote in the first place? Then click the button that you see on the screen and download for free my LPO Blueprint. The information will be extremely valuable. I’ll show you how I like to think about Facebook ads, YouTube ads, how I think about sales funnels and processing to convert leads into money, and which offers I like to promote myself.”

“You’ll also have the opportunity to hop on a free webclass where I’ll show you on the inside of what I do and how you can take advantage of what I’m already doing online to make the commissions that I make. There is no reason to worry because I’m not gonna sell ya some ten thousand dollar coaching program or a five hundred dollar training course. This is for virtually everyone, and anyone can get involved if they want to.” Hmm, so what’s the catch? Matt says he wants affiliates, which I get, but why’s he running YouTube ads and spending all this time and energy if there’s nothing for sale?

Unfortunately, I opted in to get the LPO Blueprint, but it never came. I was just pushed to a webinar where Matt talked and talked and talked but never really said anything. Ultimately, he wants to get you on the phone, sell you the rights to tap into his promotions, then have you risk more money on ads, to power them, and then split the profits if and when they come. So there’s no LPO Blueprint, there is something for sale, and it sounds an awful lot like Matt’s running his own MLM here. So yeah, I’m out.

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