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Sophie Howard Talks Kindle Publishing Income

The Blue Sky Amazon Seller Academy

Sophie Howard is back in front of the green screen, filming another YouTube ad for another biz opp. Yep, the self-proclaimed Amazon Selling Queen now says Kindle publishing is where it’s at. Let’s listen in. “I’m no author and yet I sell literally thousands of books on Amazon every single month,” she brags. “And you know the crazy thing? I didn’t write any of these books myself. In fact, I’ve developed a set-and-forget system that allows me to sell five figures worth of these books every single month.”

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“[This is done] almost completely on autopilot,” she continues. “It’s funny, I never had any aspirations of being an author, and I still don’t. I’ve made most of my money selling physical products on Amazon, a strategy I love. Then I learned about a particular product I could sell on Amazon that has seventy percent margins; that never breaks when it ships, that you can ship for free. And it’s virtually completely automated. And you can sell again and again without having to buy more inventory.”

“So there’s no running out of stock: eBooks! So I got started selling them and you know what I discovered? As well as the massive margins, the competition is way lower than anything else that I’ve sold online. I couldn’t believe how easy it was. Not only do you not have to write the books yourself, you don’t even have to necessarily pay anyone else to do it. There’s a couple of little hacks where you can sell stuff you didn’t write and you didn’t even have to pay for, and it’s a completely legal and ethical loophole.”

“All of this and more is covered in my upcoming income workshop. It’s completely free to attend and I’ll walk you through step-by-step exactly how I managed to build such a lucrative income stream [self-publishing on Kindle]. There should be a link somewhere on or around this video, so go ahead, click that link, and on the next page all you’ll need to do is enter your name and email, select a time and date that you can make it to the workshop, and we’ll see you there.”

Sophie Howard Legit

“I’m not sure how long I’ll continue running this for free, so jump in now while you can, and I’ll see you on the webinar.” So there you have it, that’s her latest pitch for her new course, Kindle Publishing Income Academy. Here’s what I did and didn’t like. I’ll start with the positives. Sophie is super inviting. She’s pretty and she has this warm, motherly demeanor, and this cute little New Zealander accent. Also, she does a great job of making it sound like this business model is just a natural extension of her FBA course.

But I gotta be honest, for me, that’s where it ends. I thought there were more negatives than positives. The longer the ad went, the more I went from rooting for her to not quite trusting her. I thought it was a stretch to act like Kindle publishing is basically what she used to teach, only better. To me, it’s a whole different thing entirely. Still, I can understand why she’d position it like that: she doesn’t want her thousands of FBA students to feel like she sold them on an inferior opportunity.

But when you say it’s set-and-forget and almost completely automated and you couldn’t believe how easy it was, and that you don’t really have to do or pay for anything, and yet, you can still make five figures per month? To me, that’s getting a little carried away. Then the whole “I don’t know how long I’ll keep this up for” part? Sophie, girl, you’re better than that. If history is any indication, you’ll run this offer till it’s no longer profitable and then promote the next hot thing. To be clear, my only issue is with how she markets KPI.

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