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Home Flipping Workshop Review


Glenn and Amber Schworm used to think financial freedom was impossible. Newly married with four young kids, they found themselves dead broke. They struggled through tough times, even bankruptcy. After that, they were still six figures in debt. They had to find a way out. Their kids’ future was at stake. Scared to death, they leaned on each other and through literal blood, sweat and tears, managed to flip their first home. Wouldn’t you know, they made seventeen thousand in profit.

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Their second flip went even faster and was more profitable. They made thirty-six grand in just thirty-three days. Twelve years, six hundred-plus flips, over fifty-seven million dollars worth of homes, and a handful of prime time TV appearances later, you might say they’ve earned their stripes. Care to join them? “We’re not smarter or more talented than anybody else,” Amber says, “we just needed to improve our situation and figured out the formula. And it’s that formula that we teach people just like you.”

Then Glenn chimes in: “At our Home Flipping Workshop, we show you how to find, fund, fix, and flip for large profits; but also how to build wealth by holding houses. This can create a life for you just like it has for us. We feel incredibly lucky and it’s our dream to help as many everyday people, just like us, to create enormous success.” But is now really the time to get into flipping?

Glenn thinks so, pandemic and possible housing market crash be damned. Remember, what goes down you can ride back up, he says. Then offers up the cliche about how more millionaires are made during economic downturns than during periods of relative market stability. While the man has a point, he’s also got something to sell you.


If you’re sick and tired of taking orders from a boss; or you need a better retirement plan; or you just want financial and time freedom once and for all? Glenn and Amber Schworm would like you to join them for a (now virtual) three day real estate training. They promise it will be the most comprehensive real estate workshop you’ve ever attended. It’ll be chock-full of incredible knowledge; interactive in design; and you’ll leave with a plan on how to attack this current market and create wealth for you and yours.

Specifically, when the workshop ends, you’ll be able to do the following. One, find profitable properties in your own city. Two, fund any deal you’d like to do without using your own money or credit. Three, flip with their proven formula that will leave you with thousands in pure profit. And, four, know when to hold a house for long-term residual cash flow. It’s the exact system some of their past attendees have used to pocket as much as seventy-eight thousand on a single deal.

The Home Flipping Workshop costs just $59. If you attend day one and don’t feel as though you’ve received a value of at least ten times what you paid, you can get a full refund. Just be aware that these cheap seminars slash workshops are notorious for getting you all hot and bothered only to pitch you the real mentoring you need for thousands, even tens of thousands of dollars more. I’d like to think that’s not what Amber and Glenn are doing here, but you never know. By the time you factor in ad spend and production costs, it’s hard to believe they’d make any profit off the fifty-nine bucks. So there’s probably some sort of upsell coming.

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