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Money Wealth Secrets Review (Michael Steven)


Michael Steven is a former banker turned real estate investor, author, and mentor. He’s written nine books on real estate, financial freedom, and wealth creation. He’s flipped 2,400+ homes, mentored 3,600+ students. When I watch him on video, he’s the embodiment of Christopher Walken. Anyways, what’s his Money Wealth Secrets program all about? As Michael tells it, many of his readers would reach out, asking for further assistance in making money, retiring early, achieving financial freedom.

“Most everyone trying to do these things by investing in passive real estate are failing,” Michael says. “Why? Because they invest in the wrong properties and take advice from the wrong people, instead of listening to the experts. When you have a problem with your heart, you do not go and see a brain surgeon. You go see a cardiologist. Even though they are both doctors, they do not have the same expertise. Many of the real estate gurus have nowhere near the portfolio and success that I have.”

Worse, much of what they teach is flat-out wrong, Michael rants. He’s here to show you how to invest in real estate the proper way. With little or no money at all. So you can create continuous cash flow, compound your wealth, and do it all in under 10 years. No previous experience or special skills needed. In fact, it’s better if you’re a total noob. That way, you won’t have to unlearn all the misinformation and inferior strategies guys like Kent Clothier and Cody Sperber taught you in their courses.

Michael doubles down on you not needing much money to get started. “Absolutely not,” he says. “With my system of real estate investing, you can get started using other people’s money. Which is exactly what the wealthiest investors in the world, like Donald Trump, do when they invest in real estate. And no, I’m not just going to teach you just one method of real estate investing. For example, fix and flips. In my 25+ years of successful real estate investing, I’ve done almost every type of investing you can think of.”

Michael Steven Books

“If you’re looking for a real mentor in real estate,” Michael adds, “someone who can show you the ropes? And really show you how to build passive income, how to achieve financial freedom? Without listening to any of the BS that the gurus have told you? Book a call to learn more about having me and my team coach you to success in real estate investing, wealth building, and financial freedom. As you know, real estate is a fantastic way, the best way to do this, according to stats. But it’s impossible to get started when you lack the money and means.”

“But this system I’m sharing with people is helping average, everyday folks, just like yourself, pull off the impossible. And I’m confident it can help you, too. Here’s why. During my years in the banking industry, I had the opportunity to do deals with dozens of people you’d never imagine would be real estate investors. I’m talking about people of modest means. People with regular nine-to-fives. And often without impressive salaries or savings accounts. And I saw how they would use real estate to turn things around,” Michael says.

“Again, they weren’t using any of their own capital to do this. Up until then, I thought you needed a small fortune to get into real estate. Even on a banker’s salary, I figured it would be years before I could play the game myself. But once I saw, from the inside, how things really worked, it gave me an unfair advantage. I went on to become a successful real estate investor and write multiple bestselling books. So schedule a call with us. You’re just one deal away from changing your financial future forever.” Interesting guy, but I’m sticking to digital real estate.

Katie Smith: Slip into your give-up pants, crack open a White Claw, and plop yourself down on the couch. We need to talk about the absolute dumpster fire that is the online course and coaching industry.