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Strategic Marketer Review (David Sprague)

Profitable Online Agency

David Sprague says anyone can create an Automated Agency and get paid $5,000 to $10,000 per client – every single month – without your own services, website or team.

Sound too good to be true, like finding a pot of gold guarded by leprechauns? I’m with you, but let’s keep an open mind.

Read every word of this Strategic Marketer review.

David isn’t sharing this opportunity with you for the money. Nope, it’s because he wishes someone had shared these strategies with him back when he was struggling. Gee, what a good guy.

David’s about to send you on a path to making anywhere from $100,000 to $1 million – this year, alone – working as little as two hours a day.

Wow, this is going south – quick.

David hasn’t made one believable statement so far.

“It’s possible to have a stress-free business and build an automated income online,” he promises.

Then the pitch video cuts to a “podcast episode” he did with Phillip Gonzalez. It’s clearly staged. Phillip’s just here to lob questions over the plate so David can hit ’em outta the park and charm you into buying your very own Automated Agency.

In fact, I’m pretty sure ole Phillip here did the same thing for a crypto scammer about a year ago.

The cringe is palpable. It’s like watching two actors recite rehearsed lines while desperately trying to convince us it’s all spontaneous. The secondhand embarrassment is slowly suffocating me.

Hopefully I don’t pass out typing this.

But yeah, there are 30 million businesses in America, David preaches. Plus about half a million new businesses get started every month. And guess what? They all wants more leads and customers, and always will. Even through pandemics and wars and recessions.

And so, when you’ve got a proven and repeatable process to help a business grow? Then you’ve got a skillset you can take to the bank. (Or just use mobile deposit – assuming there are no charges. That way you don’t have to deal with that snooty bank teller. You know the one.)

Phillip Gonzalez Interview

David claims he’s already scaled “hundreds of agencies” to “six and even seven-figures.”

Right, because it’s super easy to do. And why keep that money for yourself when you could just hand it over to your students? I bet Bob Burg had David in mind when he wrote that book, The Go-Giver.

David’s RAFT Process (as in Reputation, Automation, Funnels, and Traffic) is the secret sauce.

Their proprietary software helps out with each component. David says they spent $10 million dollars creating it, but if I had to guess, I’d say they white labeled it for like a few hundred bucks a month.

“Trust me,” David says, “generating a six-figure agency isn’t hard, especially when you can do it in just a few clicks inside our software.”

And the Oscar goes to… Phillip Gonzalez, for his impeccable performance in the “Acting Like David’s Words Are Fascinating” category, with his priceless reactions ranging from fake smiles to perfectly timed looks of bewilderment.

Sorry, where was I? Ah, yes, David and his tall tales.

I’ll spare you the rest of his pitch.

Eventually, he demos the software, which all but confirms it’s just a junky white label thingamajig you can use to manage reviews for a business and follow up with their leads and whatnot.

Then, at the end of the “podcast,” David asks you to apply for your “6 Figure Road Map” and see if you qualify to “get the tools, training and mentorship you need to grow your own wildly profitable Automated Agency.”

Translation? Book a sales call with us!

Cost? I would hate to know.

I feel like I need to rub hand sanitizer all over my body after watching that.

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