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FreedomSoft Reviews, Pricing (Rob Swanson)


Rob Swanson has a question for all real estate investors. If you could get better leads, faster, while spending less time and money, would you do it? Inside his FreedomSoft software, he demos how you can start a new campaign and get a list of hot seller leads, in any city you choose, in mere minutes. He then shows you how to skip trace those leads to get their contact info; send them all a text message; work each lead; then go back into FreedomSoft to find buyers, which you can call right from within the software.

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“Friends, do you realize the power of what I just showed you?” Rob says. “I just showed you in minutes how you can go out and get motivated seller leads contacting you. You don’t have to wait. You don’t have to hope. You don’t have to be in that position of feeling like you’re at risk of not being able to do something today. [Freedom Soft] puts the power of your success in your hands.”

FreedomSoft has a native app for both iPhone and Android. This way, you can save time, get leads, and close deals right from your phone. The app lets you make, receive, and record calls. You can also do two-way texting and follow up with leads while you’re out and about. You can invite up to six people on your team to work within your FreedomSoft account. You can set individual permissions for them.

Already using a different real estate investing software? Not a problem. You can import existing leads into Freedom Soft with just a few clicks. From there, you can schedule automatic follow ups and manage your entire pipeline with ease. According to Rob, the only thing standing in the way of your success is access to good leads and smart follow up. FreedomSoft solves both problems.

Freedom Soft Demo

“If you want a simple lead generation software that gets you leads daily with a few clicks, automates the follow up for you, and stops you from wasting money on expensive lead campaigns and lost leads that don’t make money,” Rob says, “then FreedomSoft is for you. It’s for anyone that dreams of quitting your job or that wants a simple, proven way to finally make real money as a real estate investor.”

It’s loaded with features. Built-in deal analyzers, comps, repair estimator tools, document and offer generators, a digital signature system, and so much more. How much does FreedomSoft cost? To get all the bells and whistles, it’s $197 per month. But remember, you’ll get nickel-and-dimed on the back-end whenever you run a campaign. It still may be worth it; just pointing that out. Actually, I dig the software. But Rob? Not so much.

I found him condescending. If we took a shot every time he said friends, we’d be blackout drunk, wouldn’t we? And the whole “super special discount only available today, on this training?” Rob. That video is embedded on your home page. How dumb do you think we are? Why ruin what appears to be a pretty handy software by going all guru on us? But since you did, does that mean we can expect lots of upsells once we buy FreedomSoft? Because that’s the vibe I’m getting.

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