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30-Day Deal Challenge Review

Cody Chase Bank

The Clever Investor, Cody Sperber, says, “So, you wanna flip a house, get paid, and do it in less than 30 days. Even if you have a full-time job or you’re busy doing other things. Is it possible? The answer… is yes. It is absolutely possible. I’ve already helped countless people flip their first house and completely change their world financially. But here’s the deal. If I’m gonna help you, if I’m gonna give you all the training, all the support, all the tools, everything that you need?”

“And I’m gonna tell you exactly what you need to do every step of the way?” Cody continues. “Then you gotta listen to my advice and you’ve gotta take immediate action. And we’re starting right now. Like now now. Sound fair? Look, we’ve all heard that real estate makes more people wealthy than any other field, but let’s face it, if it were that easy, everybody would do it. But here’s the thing. Real estate, it doesn’t need to be complicated. In fact, the way my students and I do it? Is like nothing you’ve ever seen on TV.”

Cue the guru objection handling. Nope, you don’t need any money. You don’t need good credit. You don’t need much time. And you don’t need any degrees or experience or skills. Just commit for the next 30 days to follow Cody’s lead and you, too, can be inside a Chase bank embarrassing yourself after cashing a check. That’s right, fam. What if you could flip a house without ever having to buy it or do any construction to it, or heck, even visiting it in the first place?

“And yet,” Cody promises, “you could get paid in 30 days, or less, and… the only thing that you need? Is a laptop and some internet access. This last house I flipped, I made $10,000 and only did a few actual hours of work. And I just picked up another check for $7,298 from the title company on a totally different deal that I did in sunny Scottsdale, Arizona. With that one, same thing. It took maybe a few hours, max, and I did it all from my laptop. I never even went to the property.”

Cody Old Truck

Cody just keeps running the same play over and over again. A 14-year creative real estate investing pro, he’s pretty much seen and done it all—and, take it from him, nothing works better than the strategy he’s gonna teach you inside his 30-Day Deal Challenge. But he gets it. You’re skeptical. Like how does one flip a house without cash or credit or at least working really really hard for weeks on end, right? “It’s simple,” Cody says. “Not easy, but simple. All you gotta do is find, control, and flip the property.”

It’s the same steps Sperber’s implemented on all 1,000+ deals in his career so far. Step one is finding motivated sellers. At any given time, in any neighborhood, there’s about five percent of homeowners who’re willing to sell at a discount because of their situation. Job loss, divorce, relocation, failed partnership, they inherited the property and don’t want it. You get the idea. Cody has out-of-the-box marketing methods, like his Magic Bullet Postcards, he uses to reach these folks and see if they’re interested in an all-cash offer.

If so, step two is to lock up the deal with an ironclad contract, which Cody will give ya. Then, step three, is to shop that deal around town to landlords and rehabbers, right? Mark it up $10-, $20k, and boom, you pocket that entire difference. Everyone wins. The homeowner gets some much needed cash, your buyer gets a house they can fix up and sell for more later on, and you get a nice “quick flip” fee. Take Cody’s 30-Day Deal Challenge (cost is just a one-time fee of $97) if you’d like him to fill in the gaps. Just watch out for upsells.

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