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Online Vending Machines For Passive Income?

Vending Machine

The Modern Millionaires Chance and Abdul sure think so. “But first, compare it to traditional offline vending machines. Whaddya think one of those makes in a month? Five hundred bucks? Two grand? Four grand? Before I give you an answer, I want you to think about something,” Chance says in their new YouTube ad. “Old school business models like these vending machines typically cost ten grand or more just to set up. Not to mention maintenance, restocking costs, taxes, and fees.”

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“Physical businesses are such a headache,” Chance continues, his mullet-adjacent haircut looking epic as ever. “You know what’s better? Online vending machines. That generate five to ten thousand dollars a month in pure profit. And it’s semi-passive income without any setup cost, maintenance fees, or any other previous experience or skills required. Instead of all the hassle of dispensing soda and snacks to the general public, your online vending machine dispenses new customers to local business owners.”

“And they pay you for that every single month. Because online customers are the hottest commodity out there. They’ve become the absolute lifeblood of local businesses. They almost can’t stay in business without them, which makes it a no-brainer for local business owners to pay someone like you or me, month after month, to install one of these virtual vending machines on their behalf. Abdul and I have made over seven-point-five million dollars, just in the last few years, doing this.”

“Simply dispensing customers and clients to local businesses. Forbes, Business Insider, and Entrepreneur? They’re all reporting on what we’re doing. And for the longest time, everyone thought the only people who could do this were tech geniuses and corporations. But as my mentor Abdul taught me, technology has leveled the playing field. And as we speak, there’s limited time left on this opportunity for you to get in on the action, as the market for online customers is expected to boom even bigger this year.”


“Using your online vending machine, you can make a plumber, an accountant, or a florist an extra fifty thousand dollars per month,” Abdul chimes in. “And because of this, they’re happy to send us monthly payments that can be as high as nine thousand one hundred and forty dollars every thirty days like clockwork. Chance and I have the blueprint and the only training program in the world [called The Modern Millionaire course] that allows you to build these online vending machines at scale, but from the comfort of your own home.”

“You’re never alone,” Abdul adds. “We hold your hand the entire way. And, if you qualify, we can even build your internet vending machine for you. So you just sit back and collect the cash it generates every single month. And the best part is, this movement we’ve created? It’s been captured in a short, eye-opening documentary you can go and sign up to watch right now. It’s streaming a hundred percent free for a limited time. So go check it out right now before it’s gone. It’ll reveal this business in exciting detail so you can see if it’s the right fit for you.”

And there’s their latest YouTube ad for ya. Now, as you may or may not know, by e-vending machines, Chance and Abdul mean setting up simple little ads on Facebook, Google, Instagram, and YouTube, in order to send these small businesses more leads. It’s an interesting metaphor or “hook” they came up with. And while it absolutely works, there’s three things to be aware of. One, their MM course is pretty pricey (like seven Gs). Two, it’s hard to get paying clients. Three, ad spend eats away your margins.

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